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As you can imagine, adding new resources and keeping thousands of other resources updated is a hell of a job and near impossible to do alone.
We added the ‘Uploader’ rank, this rank has the same privileges like the ‘Legends’ rank - user may apply for this rank using the applications form here.

The ‘Uploader’ rank is free in terms of donations, but keep in mind that you need to provide a vast amount of quality content, see the requirements below.
Also to keep Nullking safe as possible, some restrictions apply, not all members can apply for the Uploader rank, certain conditions must be met.

If you feel like you’ll be a great Uploader, please fill out the application form here.

Applying Conditions

  • Your account must be atleast 3 months old.
  • You must have atleast 50 content count.
  • You must have a positive reputation.
  • You must be an active forum member. (We will check the history of your account to determine how active your account has been)


  • Follow the ‘Uploading a Resource Guidelines’ here.
  • We expect you to upload new resources regulary.
  • Update older resources whenever an update is available.
  • Your resources should be safe and clean. (No viruses, hidden advertisements, links to other resource sites etc.)
  • Make sure your source is trusted – we will check uploaded resources regulary to make sure everything is safe and clean.

What You Get

  • Same privileges as users with the Legends rank.
  • Eternal love from the community.
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