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Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce 7.3 nulled

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About This File

The Avada Website Builder, version 7.0, is out in the wild!

The Avada Website Builder is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market and has been continuously for 7+ years. 600,000+ beginners, professionals, agencies, businesses, and creatives trust Avada for total design freedom.

Our illustrious history stands testament to the fact that Avada is the most versatile, intuitive, and easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme on the market today. Years of refinement and feedback forged our determination to be the best at what we do; To provide you with the tools to make things happen, efficiently, and fast. Choosing Avada is not only a mindset, but it is also a requirement if you intend to gain an edge over your competitors when creating your website. The best part is that you can design anything without having to touch a single line of code.

Avada’s flexible Advanced Options Network is brought to life with the Avada Drag & Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder, and the Footer Builder. Altogether, the Avada Website Builder is the ultimate web design toolkit for your workflow. Work fast and efficiently, knowing that you can design and create unlimited designs and layouts for your website projects.

As a team, and as proud as we are to be able to continue delivering an Avada experience that will always match your needs, we underpin our relentless pursuit of perfection by setting the marketplace standard with endless design possibilities, world-class professional support, and value-packed theme updates regularly.

The Avada Website Builder is the most natural and intuitive WordPress website building experience available. Built according to strict WordPress, PHP, and accessibility standards, Avada is always ahead of the curve, giving you the peace of mind to move your projects forward with the knowledge that you have a passionate team to support you. Do not merely take out word for it; see why more than 23,000+ average 5-star reviews over more than 7+ years lead testament of just how passionate we are. We are all about building relationships for the long term.

What's New in Version 7.3 nulled


IMPORTANT: Avada will use purchase codes for product registration from version 7.3 onwards.
Existing installs that have already been updated, will need to update their registration with
their purchase codes, to receive future product updates.

In Avada 7.3 the WooCommerce builder gets extended and now allows fully custom shop, cart, checkout and archive pages.

  • NEW: Added a completely new product registration setup, which now uses single purchase codes
  • NEW: 2 professionally designed prebuilt websites using the new Avada WooCommerce Builder features
  • NEW: Introducing the Avada Post Card setup, to easily create layouts to display multiple posts of a post type
  • NEW: Post Cards element to display custom post cards as a grid, a carousel, or a slider
  • NEW: Post Cards Archive element to render archives in the new post card style
  • NEW: Post Card Image element, with specific layouts like rollover and crossfade
  • NEW: Post Card Cart element for adding WooCommerce specific elements
  • NEW: 17 prebuilt post cards, including 9 blog posts, 4 products and 4 categories
  • NEW: WooCommerce Sorting element for shop pages
  • NEW: WooCommerce Cart Table element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Cart Coupons element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Cart Shipping element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Cart Totals element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Tabs element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Billing element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Shipping element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Order Review element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Order Payment element
  • NEW: WooCommerce Checkout Form element, to wrap the main checkout form as needed
  • NEW: WooCommerce Archives element to easily display archive page layouts
  • NEW: WooCommerce Product Grid element, to easily display product sections and pages
  • NEW: Added WooCommerce Cross Sells to the Up-Sells element
  • NEW: Added 9 options for custom WooCommerce out of stock badge styling and added option to the Product Images element
  • NEW: Added a new option to have the menu cart counter displayed as badge
  • NEW: Added several options to Dynamic Data system (e.g. "Hello user", Cart update, items in cart, permalink etc.)
  • NEW: Added Conditional element rendering system, to display elements based on custom conditions
  • NEW: Conditional rendering system for Avada Forms
  • NEW: Added option to easily export entries of Avada Forms
  • NEW: Added option to allow multiple file uploads in one upload input in Avada Forms
  • NEW: Added disabled option to text and textarea input of Avada Forms
  • NEW: Added Scroll Progress element to visualize page scroll progress
  • NEW: Added 3 new animation types to Avada's element animation system
  • NEW: Added new options to Countdown element, including counting to a WooCommerce product sale or an Events Calendar event
  • NEW: Added post content excerpts and font options to the Content element
  • NEW: Added icon background size option to the Icon element
  • NEW: Added link options and left/right margin to the Title element
  • NEW: Added space between choice to the main menu item text align option in Menu element
  • NEW: Added margin options and justification alignment choice to the Text Block element
  • NEW: Added vertical alignment option of Column element when in row mode.
  • NEW: Added option to YouTube and Vimeo elements to set a title attribute for accessibility
  • NEW: Added option to disable FAQ element rich snippets
  • NEW: Added WP CLI command to easily clear Avada caches
  • NEW: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
  • NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1
  • PERFORMANCE: Added new option to automatically search site-wide for unused elements and disable them in builder option
  • PERFORMANCE: Added 2 new options to choose variants and subsets for key fonts to be preloaded
  • PERFORMANCE: Added a new option to disable jQuery migrate script
  • IMPROVEMENT: Google fonts will now always load in woff2 format
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added validation to Google maps API key field to avoid white space issues
  • IMPROVEMENT: Avada Slider is now available for users with editor role
  • IMPROVEMENT: Custom layouts can now be assigned to bbPress topics
  • IMPROVEMENT: Meta and Pagination elements are now available in Page Title Bar Layout Sections
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cloning of Layout Section elements is now possible
  • IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce Notice element now works on all pages
  • IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce rating sorting option now also gets disabled if reviews in general are disabled
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added clone and live edit options and type icons to the element library table
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added new actions and filters for better customizability
  • UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.15.3 offering 1609 icons
  • UPDATED: Added compatibility with latest Contact Form 7, which no longer uses ajax
  • UPDATED: jQuery code to make sure it is compatible with WordPress 5.7+
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed role issue in Toggles element
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed legacy Page Title Bar missing landmark role
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed load more button not being a real button
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed close buttons in Modal element not working for screen readers
  • FIXED: Contact Form 7 ajax loading spinner not working correctly
  • FIXED: Dynamic CSS not being correctly loaded in a few cases where async loading is used
  • FIXED: Color pickers in Global Options not updating in live editor
  • FIXED: First and last image in the WooCommerce product lightbox being doubled
  • FIXED: Hidden WooCommerce products still appearing in live search results
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with 'WooCommerce Additional Variation Images' plugin, where variation images get duplicated
  • FIXED: Disabled variations not working for Avada's WooCommerce variation buttons
  • FIXED: RTL issue in Avada's WooCommerce variation swatches
  • FIXED: Quantity field length issue when using percentage values in the WooCommerce Add To Cart element
  • FIXED: WooCommerce shop page being affected by a Layout that is set for all products in the live editor
  • FIXED: PHP notice when importing a prebuilt site with products when WooCommerce is not active
  • FIXED: Regular price position not working correctly for variable products when using the WooCommerce Price element
  • FIXED: WooCommerce quick view image animation in cases where the featured image is larger than the quick view modal
  • FIXED: WooCommerce Add To Cart element stacked variations not displaying correctly for grouped products
  • FIXED: PHP notice on WooCommerce single product pages, when percentage sale badge is used and regular price missing
  • FIXED: Sticky sidebars not working correctly when header is turned off in Page Options
  • FIXED: Lightbox loading Vimeo preview image even if URL param is set to suppress it
  • FIXED: Lightbox not working for elements added newly through ajax load more / infinite scroll actions when only first image per posts should be shown
  • FIXED: Max width setting not working in Lottie element if the element is linked
  • FIXED: Submitting an Avada Form through ajax causing a JS error
  • FIXED: Some Avada Form elements not being translatable using WPML
  • FIXED: Error message always being shown in Avada Forms when using "Send To URL" submission method
  • FIXED: HTML entities encoding for Avada Forms email contents missing
  • FIXED: Avada Form input labels not being correctly associated with their inputs
  • FIXED: Number field in Avada Forms being able to be set to negative numbers, if min value is set to 0
  • FIXED: Hidden form fields not being available for the HubSpot form mapping
  • FIXED: SQL error when Avada Form tables have to be created on update
  • FIXED: Avada Form labels of radio inputs not using label color
  • FIXED: Form encryption type being wrong when using upload inputs and POST submission method in Avada Forms
  • FIXED: Open and close action hooks for Avada Form being off
  • FIXED: Emulation of terms being off in the live editor
  • FIXED: Dynamic data for term count not working correctly
  • FIXED: Custom footer layout can cause post contents column width to be off
  • FIXED: Content width being incorrect on Events Calendar single events pages, when meta sidebar is turned off
  • FIXED: JS error when using load more / infinite scroll options in Events element
  • FIXED: Duplicated CSS menu ID when using vertical menu widget
  • FIXED: Facebook widget disappearing on resize, if the calced width is not an integer
  • FIXED: Widget element throwing PHP notice, if plugins serving corresponding widgets get disabled
  • FIXED: Events Calendar widget option styling being incorrect in the editor, when using Events Calendar Pro
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with the Events Calendar lists widget, leading to settings being unchangeable
  • FIXED: Default value of border color not correctly working in Meta element
  • FIXED: Some elements not correctly picking up number of posts from Settings > Reading as default
  • FIXED: Page Title Bar title being wrong on post type archive pages
  • FIXED: Element specific JS files missing in compiled file if page is password protected
  • FIXED: Lift-up shadow in Nested Columns element being incorrect when columns use rounded corners
  • FIXED: Spacing issue in live editor when editing Nested Columns element in the library
  • FIXED: Nested Columns element changes not always registered correctly as content change when in wireframe mode of the live editor
  • FIXED: Gallery element preview in live editor not working when using the bulk image upload method
  • FIXED: Backend editor jumps to top of page after editing nested columns
  • FIXED: Styling of backend editor's content error modal being off
  • FIXED: Checklist element having empty paragraph tags when being saved as global element
  • FIXED: Clone button in Pricing Table element nor working correctly
  • FIXED: JS error caused Sharing Box element script if no link is set
  • FIXED: Footer font color global option using incorrect default value
  • FIXED: Issue in Search element where search being limited to post title did not always work, depending on Global Options settings
  • FIXED: Avada Slider height being wrong when using full screen mode but not parallax on side header layouts
  • FIXED: Width and height attributes missing in Avada Slider fallback image
  • FIXED: A PHP8 compatibility error in class-fusion-settings.php
  • FIXED: Some scripts missing a dependency, causing JS errors
  • FIXED: JetPack compatibility issue where social sharing icons were displayed in custom header and footer layouts
  • FIXED: A 404 error on assets in Avada's LayerSlider styles
  • FIXED: Removed hard-coded column width in Related Posts element, if there are viewer posts than set columns
  • FIXED: Social Sharing element link and title don't work for archives
  • FIXED: Incorrect height of SVGs when using image lazy load
  • FIXED: Missing text domain on 2 strings on the Avada dashboard
  • FIXED: Clickable elements not always working in Text Block element
  • FIXED: PHP notice in fallback method for loading custom icon fonts
  • FIXED: Element titles being escaped in the builder leading to issues with translations to some languages
  • FIXED: PHP notice happening in some cases when using live search
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with some Slider Revolution slider setups
  • FIXED: Post type being displayed as slug instead of name for custom post types on the search results page
  • FIXED: Tracking code in a few cases not loading correctly when using privacy options
  • FIXED: Live edit link in the WP admin bar being wrong when editing Layout Sections with preview set to archives
  • FIXED: Dependency issue in Global Options panel, where some menu options were not correctly displayed on first tab load
  • FIXED: Icon option not being correctly initialized on a fresh install, when Global Options have not been saved yet
  • FIXED: Popover element displaying 'undefined' instead of staying blank when no content was set
  • FIXED: Sub-menu not being toggled when clicking on link text of a hashtag online menu item in the Menu element
  • FIXED: Standard font family selection not working correctly in Menu element
  • FIXED: Icon alignment issue in Menu element, when using vertical layout
  • FIXED: Library elements being publicly queryable

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